Sunday, December 21, 2008

Photos ... well sort of

Please excuse the angle. It has been such an effort to upload the picture that i'm not going to change it now! You'll just have to crane your necks.

The second picture is of Gift and his inhaler (story on prev post).
The first picture is a few of the boys that are on Men's ward. I am making a collar and cuff out of a ripped bedsheet. The boy had broken his arm by falling out of a mango tree. He'd done a really good job of it. Fractured straight through the surgical neck of humerus and dislocated the humeral head. He (along with another girl with an identical #) are on their way to the capital city to be seen by an orthopod. We don't have the facilities or expertise to fix that kind of injury at Kalene. The other two boys in the photo have chronic osteomyelitis.
I have now been in Zambia for three weeks. I'm starting to get used to it. My mother has come to visit for five weeks. She is taking over teaching some of the missionary kids and also helping with admin at the hospital.

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